Frederic S. Rogers

Although the subject of this article has not so much acreage as some of the farmers in Nez Perces county, still he gains a satisfactory prosperity from his forty-acre farm and demonstrates the one thing that is wanting generally through the west, namely, the skill that enables one to produce great quantities of crops from a small acreage and to utilize them to the best advantage with stock. This science must in time come hither and it is pleasant to see one so skillful as Mr. Rogers. He was born in Penobscot county, Maine, on August 21, 1849, being the son of William G. and Lavinia (Weber) Rogers, natives of Maine and born on May 2, 1819, and in 1822, respectively. In 1850 the father came to Eaton county, Michigan; in 1854 he came to Waushara county, Wisconsin, where he remained on a large farm for thirty years. In 1885 he went to Lake county, South Dakota, and in 1892 to Portland, Oregon, where he now lives. The mother comes from a noted family in Maine and one of her brothers, Frank Weber, was a United States senator. Our subject was educated in Waushara county and at the age of twenty-three married and farmed until 1878. Then he came to Oregon, living in Hillsboro for a time and then went to Linn county and in 1880 moved thence to Goldendale, Washington. On account of ill health, he returned to Wisconsin and farmed two years. In 1883 he went to Lake county, South Dakota, then to Oregon and was all over that state and on June 7, 1897, Mr. Rogers located on his present place two miles northeast from Fletcher. He had met with great misfortune in the previous years and in less than five years after losing all he is again in fine circumstances and doing well.

On November 28, 1872, Mr. Rogers married Miss Eliza, daughter of George and Eliza Newton, who died on March 22, 1900. Mrs. Rogers was born January 26, 1852. Mr. Rogers has the following brothers and sisters, Helen Howe, Frank Roscoe, disappeared in 1897 and has never been heard from since; Charles, Lavinia Beauvist, Ada M., Fanny A. Richards, Emma Talbott, Britomart Knauer. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers have been blessed by the advent of the following children: Edgar, E., born July 13, 1875; Frank E., born October 16, 1877; Allison, deceased; Cora M. Hall; Guy W., born September 10, 1882; Earl J., born August 12, 1884; Ethel B., born November 16, 1888; Milton D., born March 16, 1893. Mr. Rogers is a Republican in political matters and is an advocate of good schools, good roads, and in fact all progress and advancement.

From An Illustrated History Of North Idaho Embracing Nez Perces, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties, State of Idaho, 1903

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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