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Do you have a family history written that you would like included on this page? Do you have a family history published on another site that you can share the link to? If so, please send that information to Natalie so that it can be included here. Please see the rules for submitting information, below the index.

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ABEL, William H., Biography

ADAMS, Schuyler J., Biography

BABCOCK, Ross S., Biography

BAKER, Andrew, Biography

BANKS, James W., Biography

BERRY, John C., Biography

BILLUPS, John W., Biography

BLACK, David, Biography

BLEWETT, John L., Biography

BLUME, Jacob, Biography

BOOK, Peter, Biography  

BOUNDS, James L., Biography

BOWMAN, James D., Biography

BOYD, James W., Biography  

BOYER, Alva, Biography

BRIGGS, Edson D., Biography

BRONCHO, Frank, Biography

BROWER, Len R., Biography  

BUECHLER, Mathias, Biography

BUNNELL, Charles C., Biography  

BUOYE, William, Biography

BUTLER, Thomas M., Biography

BUTLER, William C., Biography

CALDWELL, William A., Biography

CHAPMAN, George A., Biography

CHURCH, David B., Biography

CHURCH, Hiram E., Biography

CHRISTENSON, Andrew O., Biography

CLARK, Louis (Hon.), Biography

CLARK, Philander H., Biography

CLEVELAND, Ben D., Biography

CLEVELAND, Presley P., Biography

CLEVELAND, Robert M., Biography

CRAIG, Joseph L., Biography

CRAWFORD, Samuel M., Biography

CREWS, Bryant M., Biography

CUNNINGHAM, William, Biography

DAGGETT, Frank S., Biography

DALE, George P. & Charles H., Biographies

DAVIS, John B., Biography  

DENNIS, James, Biography  

DILL, Benjamin & John, Biographies

DUNWELL, Dennis W. C. (Hon) Biography

EASTER, Levi C., Biography  

EVANS, Orin, Biography  

FERRALL, Garrett H., M.D., Biography

FROST, Electus M., Biography

GAGE, William H., Biography

GIBBS, William R., Biography

GIFFORD, Seth, Biography

GIFFORD, Wilfred L., Biography

GILLAND, George, Biography

GILMORE, George W., Biography

GOLDSMITH, Martin L. Biography  

GRANZ, John C., Biography

GREEN, Charles W., Biography

GREEN, William J., Biography

HAEBERLE, Jacob, Biography  

HAMILTON, Charles L., Biography

HARRINGTON, Jason M., Biography

HARRIS, Frank E. Biography

HEITFELD, Anton, Biography

HENRY, Noble, Biography  

HOBART, James L., Biography

HOBSON, John W., Biography

HOFFMAN, Charles, Biography

HOGUE, J. Shannon, Biography  

INGLE, Charles S., Biography

INGLE, William A., Biography

JACQUES, Stephen, Biography

JOHN, David E., Biography

JOHNSON, Andrew M., Biography

JOHNSON, Henry, Biography

JOHNSON, Oliver, Biography

JOHNSON, William F., Biography

KEENEY, Elijah N., Biography  

KERN, Willie E., Biography

KING, Thomas D., Biography

KIRBY, Philip R., Biography  

LARKEE, John C., Biography

LIVENGOOD, John, Biography

LOCKRIDGE, Samuel, Biography

LOUGH, Isaac N., Biography

LOUGH, John T., Biography

MANNING, Fred M., Biography

MANNING, George A. (Hon.), Biography

MARTIN, Joel D., Biography

MARTIN, William B., Biography  

MATHISON, Chris, Biography

MAYNARD, Frank, Jr., Biography

MAYNARD, Thaddeus T., Biography

McINTYRE, Thomas C., Biography  

McKENNA, John, Biography  

MEEK, Courtney Walker, Biography

MEEK, Joseph L. (Hon.), Biography

MEEK, Joseph L. Jr., Biography

MERVYN, William J., Biography

MILLER, Norton B., Biography

MILLER, Rufus B., Biography

MILLER, Samuel K., Biography  

MILLS, Arthur J., Biography  

MORGAN, Henry A., Biography

MORRIS, Charles E., Biography

MORRIS, Mason, Biography

MOUNCE, Eben (Hon.), Biography

MOUNCE, Jasper N., Biography

MOUNCE, J. Smith, Biography

MUCKEN, George, Biography

MUSTOE, William, Biography  

NELLSEN, John, Biography

NELLSEN, Simon, Biography

NEWHARD, Charles C., Biography

NEWHARD, Charles C. Jr., Biography

NORTHCUTT, Edward J., Biography  

NORTON, Cyrus, Biography

NUGENT, Owen, Biography  

OLSEN, Ole, Biography

PATTERSON, Samuel, Biography

PETERSON, J. C., Biography

POTTER, Lattin L., Biography  

PRINE, F. B. Biography

RATCLIFFE, I. N., Biography

RATCLIFFE, William E., Biography

RICHARDSON, Amos K., Biography

RICHARDSON, Caleb W., Biography

RILEY, William J., Biography

ROBBINS, Andrew E., Biography

ROBNETT, Jennie M., Biography

ROGERS, Frederic S., Biography  

ROGERS, Henry J., Biography  

RUDDELL, William L., Biography

SCHILDMAN, Henry H., Biography

SCHLUETER, Theodore, Biography

SCHWARTZ, Charles Biography

SCOTT, James R., Biography  

SHARP, Manley I., Biography  

SHAW, James, Biography  

SMALL, Ira, Biography  

SMITH, Phillip S., Biography

SMITH, William A., Biography  

SOUTHWICK, Stephen R., Biography

SPIVY, Elra L., Biography  

SPIVY, Minor, Biography  

STELLMON, George W., Biography  

STODDARD, William E., Biography  

STONEBURNER, Joseph W., M.D., Biography

STRANAHAN, Clinton T., Biography

TAVIS, William, Biography

THAIN, John, Biography  

THOMPSON, S. Leslie, Biography

THOMSON, David, Biography

THOMPSON, Joseph A., Biography

THOMPSON, William L. (Hon.), Biography

TIMMONS, William, Biography

TUMELSON, Albert E., Biography  

TUMELSON, Jesse E., Biography  

TUMELSON, William O., Biography  

VOLLMER, John P., Biography

WARREN, Felix Biography

WATERS, Eddy H., Biography  

WATTS, Edward E., M. D., Biography

WAYNE, George W., Biography

WEBBER, Jerry, Biography  

WHITE, George W. S., Biography

WHITE, John W., Biography  

WHITSON, William N., Biography  

WILLIAMS, Jesse P., Biography

WILLOWS, James F., Biography

WILSON, Benjamin E., Biography

WISNER, Albert G., Biography  

WRIGHT, William A., Biography

WRIGHT, William T., Biography

WRIGHT, William W., Biography

Rules for submitting information:
If you would like to compile a written family history, to be included on this web site, please send the information to Natalie as a straight text file (.txt), if at all possible. I am sorry, but GEDCOM files cannot be accepted, because they take up too much room on the server. I would also be glad to add a link to your family web page, instead of a written family history, or even as part of a written family history.

It is very important that you do not include any information that someone else owns a copyright to, without their permission.

DO NOT INCLUDE INFORMATION ON LIVING INDIVIDUALS. The right to privacy should be taken seriously.

If you decide to submit your information, and then find that you need to edit it, add to it, or even remove it, that can be easily arranged. Just send a new replacement file (or corrections, if there are just a couple), or ask that the file be removed completely.

To make things a little easier on me, please try to keep your information limited to 2 or 3 generations per file, if you are submitting your information in the form of an outline tree, or something similar, (but without all the indentations, please!), such as is created using a genealogy program. From there, I can add a link to more pages, from the first page, for subsequent generations, pictures, notes, or other items. If your file is just a written story of your family, you may make it any length that you wish.

If you have any questions, let me know! I can direct you to other web pages to look at, for examples of what you may want to include, or how you may want your information to look.

These guidelines are subject to change, if necessary. If you have any suggestions, I would like to hear them!

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