Martha Willis

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, June 24, 1886


Willis - In this city June 19, 1886, of inflammatory rheumatism, Mrs. Martha Willis a native of Virginia. Aged 58 years.

Death of Mrs. Martha Willis.

The subject of this notice, mulatto woman, was among the earliest residents of Lewiston, coming here in 1862. She was a native of Virginia, and was a widow with two children; both lived in California after the decease of her husband; both have since died. The eldest a son was married and left three children at his death, who are the heirs to her property, which she has accumulated. She acted as nurse to the sick during most of the time since she came to Lewiston and as the city grew became closely acquainted with the situation and condition of nearly every family, having ministered at the birth of nearly every child, been the attendant in very many cases of severe sickness and in case of death assisted in the funeral obsequies and was held by many in high estimation as an essential person in a new and growing western town for her skill in case of sickness. Her last sickness was but short. She had for some time been contemplating a trip to see her grand-children but her disease took a sudden change for the worst on Friday before her death and on Saturday she became delirious and died that evening at half past 10 o'clock. She was buried on Sunday evening. Many old citizens attended the funeral and burial services. She was as far from fault as hundreds who affected to despise and neglect and if rewards are given in heaven, she will get hers.

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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