Charles H. Wiggin

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, November 15, 1888


Wiggin - In this city, Nov. 12, 1888, Chas. H. Wiggin, Aged 22 years, 9 mos., 17 days.

Charley was the eldest son of Lot and Mary Wiggin, old time residents of this city. He was born at Champoeg, Oregon, Jan. 27, 1866. On Saturday evening last he was apparently in as good health as the best, and did not complain, but when he went home for the evening and just before retiring for the night, he was taken with a severe chill and was obliged to take his bed, and shortly the chill was followed by spasms with a raging fever. His condition was then quite critical, and on Sunday, Drs. Morris and Moxley were summoned to the bedside of the sick young man and pronounced it that dreadful disease - spinal meningitis, and under most terrible agony survived until 4 o'clock p.m. on Tuesday, when he passed for the dark river beyond. He was a general favorite among the young men and citizens generally as an upright, straight-forward young man, of recognized ability, free to express his thoughts, but generous to a fault. He had redeeming qualities that will ever be cherished by his comrads and many friends of this county and Idaho county, where he was well known in business relations, having been engaged more or less since quite a lad in the stock business. May his spirit be in Heaven is the fervent prayer of all those who knew him to be true and pure to the laws of Nature and Nature's God. Funeral took place from the family residence at 2 p.m. yesterday. Rev. J. D. McConkey officiating. The family of the beloved son have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community.

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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