Dr. Henry W. Stainton

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, November 13, 1890

Obituary Notice.

A large crowd of friends and neighbors gathered at the Catholic church Sunday afternoon to pay the tribute of respect due to the worth and memory of Dr. H. W. Stainton. His death occurred on Friday of last week, and was the result of a complication of diseases that have rendered him an invalid now for more than twenty years. As a citizen, Dr. Stainton was respected and honored by all who knew him. He was a man of keen intellect, holding broad and liberal views and nourishing in his heart that milk of human kindness that made him a benefactor to the needy and a friend to all mankind. As a professional man he ranked with the best. He had received skillful and careful training and was eminently successful in the practice. Rank and wealth not only received his skillful treatment, but the poor and needy as well. He knew no distinction. Where suffering humanity was found there was his work. He has been an old-time resident of this place and many friends will treasure his memory in grateful remembrance. He was born in Dawlish, England, July 29, 1831, and from childhood cherished the idea of his chosen profession. He was an Oxford student, taking his degrees from Amherst. He supplemented his professional training at St. Bartholomai hospital, London, after which he served two years as ship physician. Early in the fifties he came to the Pacific coast and established a lucrative practice in the Willamette Valley. The great flood of that region in '61 or '62 swept him of house and home, and the gold excitement of this section being then first known he sought a new location here. Active practice and sedentary habits brought on bad health. He suffered a paralytic stroke, this was followed in a few years by another, and little by little health and life itself gave way to disease and death.

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