Henry Spalding

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, March 25, 1898

Death of Henry Spalding.

As the result of a distressing accident, Henry Spalding, a well known pioneer, died at his home in Almota Tuesday evening. His residence and hotel at Almota caught fire and burned Sunday and in his efforts to save part of his furniture he reopened an old rupture, from which cause he died, though the best medical aid from Colfax and Walla Walla was summoned immediately. Doctors Boswell and Blalock attended him, and performed an operation, but the stricken man could not survive. Felix Warren and wife, of Soldier Meadows, and Joe Warren of Spokane, were summoned to Almota. The funeral took place there yesterday and was conducted by the Knights of Pythias of Colfax. assisted by the Colfax lodge of Red Men. The lodges of these fraternal orders of this place sent flowers and other tokens of remembrance.

Mr. Spalding was a son of Rev. H. H. Spalding, who came to the Pacific northwest in 1836 with Whitman. His mother and Mrs. Whitman were the first white women to cross the Rocky mountains. Whitman went to the mission near Walla Walla, and Rev. Spalding took charge of the mission at Lapwai, Idaho, and escaped the massacre in which the Whitmans perished. Henry Spalding was born at Lapwai, one of the first white children born in the Pacific northwest. At the time of his death he was first vice-president of the Spokane fruit fair. Mr. Spalding was about 50 years old. He has been instrumental in bringing the fruit products of eastern Washington and northern Idaho to the attention of other states and has been prominent in all matters pertaining to horticulture. It was due in a great measure to his energy that such lively interest has been taken in his section in the Spokane fruit fair, where he was a familiar figure. He is well known in eastern Washington and could have made his mark politically had he chosen to seek office, but his retiring disposition turned his talents in another channel. His orchards along the Snake river are already famous.

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