Carrie A. Denny Smith

Lewiston Morning Tribune
May 2, 1895

Mrs. Carrie Smith's Death.

Mrs. Carrie A. Smith, wife of M. L. Smith, died Saturday evening, April 27th, after only a few days illness and was buried Monday morning at ten o'clock. Mrs. Smith was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Denny, and was born in Lewiston September 11, 1869. She was married May 2, '86, and has always resided here, with the exception of about four years, when she lived in the vicinity of Spokane. She was the mother of two children, one of which is still living, a bright little girl of seven years. The deceased was a member of the Rathbone Sisters of Spokane, and had hosts of friends, many of whom did not know of her illness, and were sorely pained to learn of her death. The bereaved husband and daughter and the parents of Mrs. Smith have the sympathy of all.

Mr. M. L. Smith and John Denny and family, wish to extend thanks to their many friends for the various favors of kindness during the late illness and death of the former's wife and the latter's daughter; and for the many beautiful flowers that were so generously given us on the occasion of the funeral and burial.

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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