Anna Bell Russell

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Friday, Nov. 15, 1918

Funeral of Mrs. Russell

Remains Will Be Laid to Rest This Forenoon.

The remains of the late Mrs. Anna B. Russell will be laid to rest today following funeral services conducted under the auspices of the Vassar parlors.

Mrs. Russell was born Anna Bell in Bell Hill near Glasgow, Scotland, July 5, 1835. Bell Hill was the name of the family estate and is still in the family, being occupied by the eldest son in each generation. Her father's name was John Bell and there were three sisters and two brothers, all deceased excepting one sister in Manchester, Iowa. This sister is two years older than was Mrs. Russell. Mrs. Russell moved in early youth to Toronto, Canada, with her elder brother, her parents having passed away at the same time. A little later they came to the United States and Mrs. Russell received her education in this country. She was married when 20 years of age to Henry Russell of Worcester, Mass., the Russell family being of old English stock, their ancestors dating back many hundreds of years. To this union were born five children, the two older children, a son and a daughter, passing away before the birth of the other children. Lourena, Erwin and Bell were born in Wisconsin, Lourene, Mrs. Ballinger, now being with her husband, Captain J. G. Ballinger, at Norfolk, Va., where Captain Ballinger is port captain at Hampton Roads. Erwin Russell was laid to rest in the Lewiston cemetery a year ago last April and Mrs. S. E. Arant of this city is the only relative of the deceased here, Mr. Russell having passed away in Walla Walla in 1890 and eight years later his remains were removed to Lewiston and laid to rest in the city cemetery.

Mrs. Russell made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Arant, for the past 13 years and everything that could be done for a mother has been rendered by this devoted daughter. Mrs. Russell's final illness was brief and painless, she being ill less than 24 hours. Always devoted to music, her last hours were made happy by listening to the selections she had favored during the latter years of her life.

A dear soul, a lovable woman had gone to her reward, thus joining the happy throng of the other side where all is light, love and joy.

Mr. Arant has been in Seattle for the past six months engaged in ship construction and will not be here for the funeral.

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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