Lena Rice

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, February 2, 1888

Little Lena, one of the twin children of M. H. and Nellie Rice, died on the 18th of January near Grangeville, of scarlet fever, aged three years and three months. The mother died two years ago, after a short illness, and the father of Mr. Rice also died a few months ago, and thus death has found three victims in that once happy family within two years, and left the survivors sadly bereaved. Others of the family have of late been afflicted with the scarlet fever, and some of them are still suffering from the effects of the disease, but it is to be hoped are so far recovered as to be beyond immediate danger. The father is ailing? from his weary watchings and care of the sick and was so much so that he was unable to be present at the burial of Little Lena, who was interred beside the grave of her mother. The family are entittled to and do receive the heartfelt sympathy of relatives and numerous friends and acquaintances. May the fierce winds of misfortune become so tempered with home and encouragement for the future that despondence will never enter the portals of that household, to rob the surviving members of that happiness which is the common boon of those who aim to do well.

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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