Mike Parato

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Sunday, February 1, 1931

Home Brew Fatal To Mike Parato

Mike Parato, 60, until recently said to have been employed as a section hand, passed away at St. Joseph's hospital yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, a victim of acute alcoholism and exposure.

For several months Parato maintained his home in Lewiston after being slightly crippled, and of late lived a 0218 Twenty-Third street, where the police found him Friday afternoon lying naked on the floor with the part of a gallon of a strong alcoholic concoction standing beside him. The room was in a disordered state, lamps being overturned and other evidences of the trying circumstances under which the man spent his last days being evidenced. He was in a deep stupor when found.

Naked for Two Days.

When Parato was taken to the hospital his life was despaired of. Lying naked in a cold room for two days had made inroads on his health in addition to his excesses. The police have been unable to find out anything about any relatives Parato may have living.

The body is at the Brower-Wann parlors. Arrangements for burial are being held in abeyance.

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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