Orin Merrell/Morrill/Morrell

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, June 4, 1891

Orin Merrell, who started out with the Grostein & Binnard pack train, met with a serious accident the first day out. While unpacking at the mouth of Sweetwater the first night, he was kicked in the side by one of the refractory mules and so injured that he could not go on with the train, but had to be brought to this city. He has been for some days in the precarious condition, suffering much pain and being made very weak from internal hemorrhage. His latest symptoms however show favorably for his recovery.

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, June 18, 1891

Orin Morrill, who was kicked in the side by a mule about two weeks ago, died last Thursday and was buried Friday in the city cemetery. Mr. Morrill was 53 years of age and had been in this section about thirty years. For twenty years he has been in the employ of Grostein & Binnard, and has always been known as an honest and straight forward man. For about twenty-five years he had never heard from any of his relatives, and he finally wrote last fall to the postmaster where he had formerly lived, in the east, during his boyhood days, and received a letter in return from a sister. When he received the letter he wept like a child and at once made up his mind to go back on a visit. Since then he had been saving up his money and was going back in a few months.

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, February 5, 1891

Letter From Home After Many Years.

Orin Morrell, a well known and respected citizen of Lewiston, received this week a letter from his sister whom he had not seen or heard from for thirty-three years, nor had he heard from any of his relatives in that time. Some chance of fate caused him to write to the postmaster at the point at which his sister lives and a curious coincidence brought him a reply. Mr. Morrell had lost all trace of his immediate family and believed them to be dead. The letter was a happy surprise and conveyed much news, bringing both sorrow and grief in its message. Mr. Morrell's father and mother, he learns, are both deadódied of ripe old age, but a few years since, aged respectively 79 and 77 years. By a curious coincidence they died within two days of each other and the lives that for years dwelt together so peacefully, in death were not divided. Mr. Morrill came here in 1866 and has worked at various employment, being at one time mail contractor between here and Mt. Idaho. He has always shown himself capable and honest and enjoys the fullest confidence of his employers. He has been for years and now is, in the employ of the firm of Grostein & Blnnard of this city.

I don't know which spelling of his last name is correct.

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