Ronald Patrick Murphy

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Sunday, June 2, 1946

River Gives Up Body Of Man

The body of a man, about 30 years old, was reclaimed from the Clearwater river three miles east of Lenore at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. No means of identification could be found by Coroner Andrew Vassar. No marks were found indicating violence.

The body was seen by a member of a railway crew where it had lodged on a pile of rocks on the north side of the river. The body obviously was carried downstream during the freshet stage of the stream and lodged when the water receded.

Apparently the body had been in the water for several weeks.

The man was dressed in a leather jacket of good quality, wore grey riding breeches, striped dress shirt and brown oxfords. His hair was black.

The body was brought to Lewiston and rests at the Vassar-Rawls chapel.

Officers here said no reports had been filed of a missing person.

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Monday, June 3, 1946

Man Found In River Believed R. Murphy

Further search of the clothing on the body reclaimed from the Clearwater river Saturday afternoon three miles east of Lewiston resulted yesterday in Coroner Andrew Vassar finding an Idaho liquor permit issued to Ronald Patrick Murphy last April 29.

A check stub found indicated the man had worked for the Warm Springs Lumber Co., Warm Springs, Ore., and last night the coroner telephoned officers at Pendleton to try and locate relatives. No reply has been received at midnight.

The body was seen by members of a railroad crew where it had lodged on a pile of rocks on the north bank of the stream.

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Wednesday, June 5, 1946

River Victim Not Identified

Positive identification of the body found in the Clearwater river near Lenore was still impossible yesterday. Andrew Vassar, Nez Perce county coroner, said yesterday. The man was in possession of two social security numbers and authorities do not know which belonged to him, Vassar said.

One card was issued to Edward Joseph Ryan, and the other wsa procured by the man here April 15 under the name Ronald Patrick Murphy.

Murphy was employed by Graden Storey near Myrtle and was last seen in Lewiston April 29 after he purchased new clothes and sent old ones back to the Storey place. He called Storey by telephone April 30 and was to meet Storey in Myrtle, the coroner said.

The man Ryan was known in the Pendleton, Ore., area and Oregon state police there are checking for information regarding him. A preliminary report yesterday morning from Pendleton said Ryan was in the Lewiston area, Vassar said. The body is still being held pending identification.

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Thursday, June 6, 1946

Dead Man Unidentified

No additional information regarding identity of the man found in the river near Lenore had been received by County Coroner Andrew Vassar yesterday. The man is either R. P. Murphy or E. J. Ryan, according to social security cards in his possession at the time of death. The body is being held pending positive identification.

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