Cyrus Milan and Tim Emerson

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Monday, June 24, 1918

Two Lose Life In Snake River

Cyrus Milan and Tim Emerson the Victims.

Recover Milan's Body

Boys Gave Lives in Attempting to Save Another-Drowning at Silcott.

Cyrus Milan, a 17 year-old Lewiston boy, and Tim Emerson, 17-year-old Pullman boy, were drowned in Snake river yesterday at Silcott shortly after noon. The body of Milan was recovered about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, but a report from Silcott at 8 o'clock last evening said the efforts to recover Emerson's body had been unsuccessful.

Both boys were fully dressed, Milan first going into the river to save the life of Miss Shelona Witter, of Moscow. He brought the young lady to a point where she could be reached from shore and as she was rescued, he exclaimed "I am all in," and sank beneath the current. Emerson plunged into the river to save his friend and both boys perished.

Both boys were employed at the Wawawai ranch of White Bros. & Crum and young Milan came up the river Saturday evening to visit his mother, Mrs. Frances Milan, who is employed as a cook at the firm's Alpowa ranch. Emerson came up the river yesterday morning.

The boys went to the river shortly before noon, where a number of young people were bathing. Some of the girls were learning to swim and Miss Witter was included in this number. The bathers were using a boat and Miss Witter held to the side of the boat until she was towed into deep water and then she let loose to swim to shore. She had proceeded but a short distance when she called for help and Emery Pearce first went to her relief. It seems that Miss Witter grasped Pearce in such a manner as to suppress his breathing and he was compelled to break loose. Milan then entered the water fully clothed and was completely exhausted when he brought the young lady within reach of the shore and was carried away before aid from shore could be extended.

It was when Milan was carried away that Emerson entered the water and the two boys went down together. The search for the bodies was instituted at once but the efforts were not rewarded until 4 o'clock, when the body of Milan was recovered near where he disappeared. The body brought to Vassar undertaking parlors yesterday evening but the funeral arrangements will not be made until word has been received form his father, who is in California.

Cyrus Milan had lived with his mother in the eastern part of the city for the past several years. The home was in Lewiston during the winters and for the past several years both mother and son have worked for White Bros. & Crum on the lower river.

Tim Emerson was the son of R. A. Emerson, of the Emerson Mercantile company, Pullman, and was a brother of J. N. Emerson, who recently opened Emerson's cloak and suit house in Lewiston. The search for the body will be continued today.

Both young men were industrious, enjoyed the highest regard of their employers and the friendship of all who knew them.

The Snake river is a treacherous stream for swimmers and repeated drownings have disclosed the danger to poor swimmers who venture beyond wading depths.

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Wednesday, June 26, 1918

Emerson's Body Recovered

Taken From Snake River Near Scene of Sunday's Drowning.

The body of Tim Emerson, the Pullman boy drowned in the Snake river at Alpowa, Sunday, was recovered late Monday afternoon near the scene of the drowning and was taken to Pullman Monday evening. Emerson was drowned in attempting to save the life of Cyrus Milan and the latter was drowned in saving the life of Miss Shelona Witter, of Moscow. Milan's body was taken from the river four hours after the drowning and was brought to Lewiston to await funeral arrangements.

Miss Witter was brought to Lewiston Monday evening by her mother and is suffering from shock and nervous collapse. She was reported improved yesterday and will probably be taken to her home in Moscow today or tomorrow.

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