Hattie McGrane

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, April 4, 1889

Frank McGrane arrived home from Walla Walla where he had been for the purpose of bringing home the remains of his sister Hattie, who died at that place Feb. 1st, 1883, but was denied the privilage of complying with the last and dying request of his Sister, which was, that she should be interred beside her mother who is interred in the cemetery of this city, who departed this life on the 30th. of March, 1877. The reason of his not being allowed to remove his sister's remains was that she died of that worst of contagious diseases, diphtheria, hence the health officer, Dr. Blalock Jr., could not issue to him a certificate to exhume and remove her remains, the same being very stringent in any case where death was caused by any contagious disease. Frank speaks in the highest terms of the kindness and urbanity of the health officer and his Honor, Mayor Thompson, and Dr. Blalock Sr. and others who interested themselves in his behalf to have a special permit granted for the removal of the deceased, and takes this method of returning them his heartfelt thanks in behalf of himself and all the other members of the family. He also feels grateful to the officers and attaches of the steamer, Annie Faxon, for their courteous and polite attention shown him on his trip down and back. The steward was kind enough in the down trip to give him his room, he having in his hurry neglected to secure a room and for which he says if he should ever be fortunate enough to visit the Paradise of North Idaho, Grangeville, he will play it back at him, giving him his room. How will that Jakey? Dr. Blalock told him, in speaking of the danger of exhuming a body who died of diphtheria, that there is an instance, a case, on medical record where contagion spread after the body was in the ground for 23 years.

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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