Charles F. Leland

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Saturday, November 23, 1918

Mr. Leland Dead

City Controller Succumbs to Paralytic Stroke.

A Sterling Man Gone

The Community Admired His Qualities While Those Close to Him Loved Him.

City Controller Charles F. Leland is dead. Afflicted with a stroke of paralysis at 7:30 o'clock yesterday morning at his home, 519 Fifth avenue, he passed away at 4:20 o'clock in the afternoon, never having regained consciousness. When the fatal stroke came he was about the house preliminary to starting for his office in the city hall building.

In the passing of Mr. Leland there is a distinct community loss and there will be sincere community mourning. It will be difficult indeed for hundreds of close friends to realize that such a personality has been stilled, and that there is to be denial of those cheerful, sincere greetings of warm characteristic of this gentleman, who if it could be possible held the esteem if not the love of every person within his sphere of acquaintance. His sudden taking away will intensify the shock that all will feel with the news of his death - the end of a manly, chivalrous, patient career, meeting duty and responsibility with the calm and poise and charity of a Christian gentleman.

Charles Leland came of the Puritan stock of the east, his father being the late Hon. Alonzo Leland, prominent in pioneer days in the west as lawyer and journalist, who came to Portland in the infancy of that city from Vermont. It was in that city on Nov. 5, 1858, that Mr. Leland was born, and he was just six years old, in 1864, when the father moved to Lewiston, here establishing the Journal and Teller newspapers. The son became a printer and later was associated for years with his father in the publication of the Teller which brought him an acquaintance extending throughout the inland empire. Following the death of his father, the son edited the newspaper for several years, disposing of the same in 1891 for the purpose of entering other lines of activity. When the Tribune was founded in September, 1892, Mr. Leland volunteered his services from other activities to assist in the first "type-sticking" during the period of organization of the plant and just as he was moved to be helpful in that matter he was moved throughout his career to be useful and kindly as opportunity presented and with a quiet unostentation that was a marked impress of his character.

Upon leaving the newspaper field Mr. Leland for a period served Lewiston as chief of police and a short time later became general stage and express agent in Lewiston. Still later he became a business associate of Felix Warren in the stage contracting business and this association later took him to Grangeville where he resided for several years. Upon his return to Lewiston he became city treasurer, and in January, 1911, assumed the position of city controller which position he has since held. It has been a connection with his official duties as controller that the more later residents of Lewiston came to know Mr. Leland and to note those admirable qualities that made him beloved by the pioneers.

Mr. Leland throughout his lifetime had been a public spirited man, assisting and promoting all movements for the community welfare. He was one of the founders of the old fire department and maintained his membership in that organization until it was succeeded just a few years ago by the modern department the city now affords. He was one of the founders of the Knights of Pythias lodge of Lewiston and it was but a year or so ago that his lodge brothers remembered him with an emblem signifying 25 years of consistent attitude toward the teachings and purposes of that order.

In 1892, Mr. Leland was united in marriage with Helen Clendenning and two children were born to them - Miss Evangeline Leland and Felix, both of whom survive him and who have made their home with him in this city. Mrs. Leland died on April 21, 1901. The deceased is also survived by two sisters - Mrs. E. M. Vincent of Grangeville and Mrs. J. J. Whitman of Spokane.

Felix Leland has been employed in the shipyards at Seattle and will arrive here today. The funeral will be held at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon under the auspices of the Knights of Pythias lodge.

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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