Alonzo Leland

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, October 29, 1891

Alonzo Leland.

The Teller has from time to time gave notice of the feeble health of Mr. Leland and this week must bear testimony to the fact of his death. He had grown gradually feebler since his bad fall of some weeks since, and, after lying in a comatose condition for several days of last week, his spark of life passed quietly out on Saturday evening at about seven o'clock. Thus ended a life that for many years was identified with every movement that pertained to the welfare of this section. As editor and proprietor of the Teller, Mr. Leland was alive to every interest that would effect Lewiston or the surrounding. On the issues of the past he was candid and fearless in what he thought to be right and just. He was a man of broad culture and extended views, and he early took high rank among the leaders of public opinion on this west coast. Lewiston has had no citizen who has worked harder for the interests of the community than did Mr. Leland. All that his energies or capabilities could do he did fully and freely. A search through the files of his paper will show that he, at any and all times, advocated measures calculated to work for the public good, and was as free to condemn all that pertained to harm. His best energies and life work were spent among this people and he had the satisfaction of knowing that he did what he could. He was a pioneer in the field of progress and it seems a cruel fate that prevented him from seeing a fuller fruition of his labors. He lies to rest now among the hills that have so long given him shelter. His life and energies are forever quieted. His was the worthy work of the pioneer. He opened up and made way for the larger, fuller life that development will bring.

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, November 19, 1891

Memorial Exercises!

Held In Honor Of The Late Alonzo Leland.

Biographical Sketch of his Life From Boyhood up to the Time of his Death.

The following brief summary of facts outlines the main incidents in the life of our worthy townsman, Alonzo Leland. It shows a life of earnest endeavor, with success attained by honest effort. He was born in North Springfield, Vermont, July 12, 1818. His early boyhood days were spent on a small farm, where, being left an orphan at an early age, he lived with an uncle and aunt. His education was such as could be obtained in country villages in those early days. With, however, a higher aim in view, he became a teacher at the age of 16, working at that vocation for two years, and preparing for future years. He entered the State Academy of New Hampshire in 1836 and spent three years preparing for college. In 1839 he entered Brown University, graduating from that institution with honors in the class of 1843. He maintained himself in college by working in odd hours at the carpenters trade. After leaving college he taught in the schools of Massachusetts and Maryland for several years, but being attracted to the new and growing west, he came to the Pacific coast via the Isthmus of Panama, arriving in Oregon in October, 1850. First, as civil engineer, he helped in the surveying and platting of the city of Portland. Next he engaged in the publication of its first daily newspaper. He, successively, held the offices of Judge of Probate and Postmaster in that city, and was meanwhile studying law - being admitted to the bar in 1861. Soon after, attracted by the golden possibilities of the mining excitement then opening up at Florence and Warrens, he came into this section, arriving in Lewiston in 1862, where he engaged in mining and in the practice of law. In 1876 he founded the Teller, which journal he continued to edit till incapacitated by failing health. Through its column he gave expression of his views on the various topics of interest effecting this section. He was at all times thoroughly loyal to what he considered for its best welfare, and fearless in his expression of its needs and opportunities. He gave his best life efforts for the benefit of this people and it seems fitting that they respond in gratitude in doing honor to his name and memory.

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