Sammy Holt

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, April 30, 1891

Drowned in a Well!

Little Sammy Holt Falls In A Well While Playing.

A Very Sad Affair!

At the hour of noon yesterday news of a distressing accident was soon noised over the city. Sammy Holt, the little son and only child of Sam Holt, while playing with some neighbor children in the lots lately vacated to make the depot grounds, had fallen into an open well on the old Martinson lot and had drowned. Many citizens and friends rushed to the spot. Mr. Nesbit, who had gone out to hunt his own child, saw the accident and was first upon the ground. All possible haste was made to get the little fellow out. A man was lowered and the body soon brought to the surface. Dr. Stirling was present and used every effort to resuscitate the child, but to no avail. Every spark of life was extinct. The sorrowing parents are well nigh heart broken over the accident. An open well in an open lot, where children are running about to play, is certainly a piece of criminal carelessness that cannot be excused lightly. The railroad company are first to blame in not having the well filled or protected on throwing open the property. The city authorities, too, will have to bear the censure of being careless in the matter.

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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