George Glass

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, March 24, 1892

George Glass.

In the death of George Glass, the community has lost a tried and true member and it is fitting that some testimonial be offered in remembrance of him. He was born in Pennsylvania March 17, 1832, and passed the years of his youth in learning the trade of shoe making. Imbued with the spirit of enterprise he went to California in 1854 and tried his fortune there with varying success until about 1863, when he came to Idaho and became a miner at Warrens camp. Tireing of this, he came to Lewiston in 1870, and started in the business of boot and shoe dealer, where he has resided ever since. He had visited his home in the east but once since coming to this coast. Attending constantly to his business in person, by his upright dealing with all, he acquired a reputation for honor that has become proverbial in the community, and while not largely endowed with worldly goods, he left a name that stands a monument for truth and stability. He became a member of Lewiston Lodge No. 8, I. O. O. F., in 1881 and had endeared himself to the brotherhood by his kindness and loyalty to a degree hardly to be equalled. He has occupied various offices in the county, notably that of treasurer and his duties were most sedulously and honestly discharged, proving himself competent and faithful in every service. His death which occurred on the 17th day of March, at just 60 years of age, has created a void in the community that will be long felt and mourned. His last sickness was not attended with great suffering, except perhaps, during the few last hours. He had seemed hopeful, soon to be restored to health, but had no fear of death. He was constantly surrounded with every comfort of home and his last hours were soothed by the loving administrations of friends. The funeral services took place Friday afternoon at two o'clock, from the residence of T. S. Billings, under the auspices of Lewiston Lodge No. 8, I. O. O. F.

[There are many "Resolutions Of Respect" given by various lodges, and some mention a brother and sister, but they aren't named]

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