James English

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Wednesday, March 26, 1913
[Extracted part of the article]

Used Shotgun To Take Life

James English, Lookout Farmer, A Suicide.

No Motive Is Given

Places Weapon Beneath Shirt While In Bed - Formerly Resided in Colfax Section.

Gifford, March 25. (Special to The Tribune)

James English, a bachelor aged between 45 and 50 years, and who resided on a ranch one and one-half miles southeast of Lookout, ended his life at an early hour this morning by shooting himself in the left breast with a 12-gauge shotgun.

The body was found by John Austin of Lookout, who called at the English home this morning to assist Mr. English in cutting wood. The men had agreed to cut wood today and Mr. Austin reached the English home between 8 and 9 o'clock.

Mr. English had resided in the Gifford and Lookout country or a number of years and was well liked by all of his neighbors. He was an industrious and peaceable man and during the winter months engaged in cutting wood. He had worked most of this winter in the woods and several hundred cords of wood are now ready for delivery. It is said he was eccentric at times and it is believed he ended his life while suffering from mental aberration. There is no apparent motive for the act and persons whom he visited yesterday stated he appeared to be in his usual cheerful mood.

Before coming to this section, Mr. English resided for about 25 years near Colfax and for a long period was employed by Joseph McCloskey. Statement was made today that English had said he had relatives residing in the east but had not heard from them for 20 years. The rural mail carrier furnished the information that he had received but very little mail for the past three years and none of this came from eastern points.

Mr. English resided on a rented place, but had considerable personal property. He had considerable land prepared for spring seeding, but did not seed any fall grain.

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