Dr. Ezra Sylvester Booth

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Friday, August 6, 1915

Dr. E. S. Booth Injured

Suffered Accident Near Starbuck Resulting in Loss of Foot.

Starbuck, Wash., Aug. 5. (Special to the Tribune.)

Dr. E. S. Booth of Lewiston was brought here this evening to receive treatment for an injury received while riding on an O. W. R. & N. freight train this afternoon. In some manner Dr. Booth was caught by the wheels and his foot cut off above the ankle. Just how the accident occurred was not reported here but Dr. Booth was resting easy this evening and it is expected he will be able to proceed to his home in Lewiston within the next few days.

Dr. Booth removed to Lewiston several weeks ago from Nezperce, where he resided for several years and was engaged in the jewelry and optician business. He established his residence in Lewiston at 414 Second avenue and has made trips throughout the inland empire as an expert optician.

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Saturday, August 7, 1915

Dr. E. S. Booth Dead.

Passed Away at Walla Walla From Result of Injuries Received.

Dr. E. S. Booth, who was injured Thursday at an O. W. R. & N. freight train, died at Walla Walla yesterday morning at 4 o'clock from shock. Immediately after the accident, Dr. Booth was taken to Starbuck where his injuries were dressed and later in the night he was rushed to Walla Walla by special train.

It seems Dr. Booth was riding on a freight train, and was taken suddenly ill. He walked to the front of the caboose and stepped on the platform and in some way lost his balance. A brakeman attempted to catch the falling man, but was unsuccessful and Dr. Booth fell in such a manner that one of the wheels passed over his leg between the ankle and the knee. A report received from Starbuck last evening stated the train crew had been summoned to Walla Walla for an investigation. The remains will be brought to Lewiston at 4:20 o'clock this afternoon and the funeral arrangements will be announced tomorrow morning.

Dr. Booth was a gentleman about 50 years of age and is survived by a wife, son and daughter. The members of the family were summoned to Walla Walla early yesterday morning and departed by automobile at 2 o'clock. Dr. Booth was a gentleman of fine character and during his residence at Nezperce made many warm friends. Since coming to Lewiston he had formed the acquaintance of a large number of people by whom he was held in high esteem. He was just completing arrangements for opening an optician office at the Woodruff book store and some of his equipment has already been installed. Other equipment was delayed in shipment and pending its arrival he was engaged in making another tour of the outside country but expected to open his office the first part of next week.

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Saturday, August 8, 1915

Funeral Of Dr. Booth

Will Be Conducted from Late Residence This Morning at 9:30.

The funeral of the late Dr. E. S. Booth will be conducted this morning at 9:30 from the late residence, 414 Second avenue, by the Rev. F. D. Muse of the Christian church. The Masons will have charge of the services at the grave.

Lewiston Morning Tribune
Friday, August 13, 1915

Body Was Exhumed

Post Mortem Examination to Determine Exact Cause of Death.

the body of the late Dr. E. S. Booth was exhumed late yesterday afternoon and a post mortem examination was conducted at the cemetery to determine the exact cause of death. This examination was made at the request of the insurance company that recently wrote an accident policy in the sum of $10,000 upon Dr. Booth's life. The company was represented by Dr. E. L. White while Dr. Elmer G. Braddock represented Mrs. Booth. Dr. C. T. Johnson witnessed the examination.

The physicians were agreed that the death resulted from the injuries received by Dr. Booth while traveling on an O. W. R. & N. train near Starbuck.

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