Joseph J. Bonner

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, December 1, 1887


In this city, Nov. 25th, 1887, Joseph J. Bouner (sic), aged 61 years.

Death of Joseph J. Bonner.

The subject of this notice was born in Prussia in 1826, and at twenty-two years of age he emigrated to America and settled in Wisconsin, in 1848, and declared his intentions to become a citizen of the United States, and became a full citizen in 1854. He took an active part among the German population in politics in Wisconsin in the early stage of the constitution of that state and made many speeches among the German population, and was quite eloquent as a speaker. Subsequently he came to California about the time of the civil war, and about the last of 1861 he came to Oregon and from there he came to Lewiston early in 1862, and has made this his residence ever since, save a short time when he visited Montana. He has always, since here, been thrifty in business, and been honest and attentive, and, so far as we know, always been a close observer of matters moving forward in city, county and territory, and claimed conscientiously to desire and strive for the public weal. His sickness was short and much of the time since taken down, he seemed to be oblivious of passing events. On Friday evening, at 10:30, he passed away with out a struggle. His brother and sister were telegraphed to when his symptoms gave cause for alarm, the former living in Dalton, Ill., and the latter in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, and we are informed that word has been received that his sister is en route here, but too late to see him alive. The last words he was heard to say, he called for his sister calling her name. He has always been a prominent character among our people, and we do not know that he ever gave permanent offence to anyone. He was followed to his last resting place by a large number of our old and respected citizens. Father Diomedi performed the last rites, both at the Catholic church and at the grave. Peace to his ashes!

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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