Birka Binnard

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, September 22, 1887

Birka Binnard.

The subject of this notice was born in Poland May 15, 1817. He remained there until the year 1835, when he went to England, engaging in business in Bristol in that country, and there remained until the year 1850, when he came to the United States, and took up his abode at Montgomery, Alabama, engaging in the mercantile business in that city until 1855, when he moved to New Mexico, where he remained until the close of the civil war, 1865, and then went to Buffalo, New York and there joined his nephew, Abraham Binnard, now of this city, and has made his home with him, off and on, ever since, having never been a man of family. In the year 1868, he came to Lewiston, then to Clearwater station, Newsome creek, and Elk City, engaging in trading for several years. His business career closed in Mt. Idaho, where, for a number of years, was doing business with Grostein & Binnard, of this city, afterwards with Binnard & Weiler. During the past eighteen months he has resided in Lewiston, and during the last year has been a great sufferer of dropsy, heart disease and a complication of other diseases. He was well cared for, the best medical treatment being administered to him, but all to no avail, and at about ten o'clock on Saturday night, he succumbed to the grim monster, death, and passed to the river beyond. He was known of late years as "Major," which title he acquired during the Nez Perce was of 1877; he built a fort at Mt. Idaho for protection, and the boys gave him this name. He was a good hearted, whole-souled old fellow, well liked by all who knew him, even a great favorite among the Chinese and Indians with whom he done business. He will be greatly missed and his memory will ever remain green within the heart of numerous friends in Idaho and Nez Perce counties. His funeral took place from the residence of A. Binnard on Monday at two o'clock, under the auspices of the Masonic lodge, of which he was a member in good standing.

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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