W. A. Ball

Lewiston Teller
Lewiston, Idaho, July 3, 1884

Death of W. A. Ball.

The death of Mr. Ball is among our "death notices" of to-day. Mr. Ball was born in St. Charles county, Mo., March 16, 1828, and consequently was 56 years old last March. He came to California during the mining excitement of 1849 and remained there until 1855 when he came to this upper country as pack master in the employ of the Government at the time of the Yakima war and was in General Wright's expedition against the Spokanes and Coeur d'Alenes. At the close of this war he remained in and about Walla Walla for some time, engaged in various pursuits. For several years he followed the mining excitement of Idaho, Montana, British Columbia and Nevada. He was engaged in merchandising in company with E. B. Whitman in Warrens, Idaho, in 1868 and 1869. He was generally successful was a man of more than ordinary intelligence was honorable and exerted considerable influence among his fellows. He went to Denver Colorado, in 1872 in company with Wm. E. Timberlake and engaged in the cattle business. While there he was stricken with paralyses in March, 1874, so badly that he could not attend to business and was rendered nearly speechless. He left his business there with Mr. Timberlake and repaired to San Francisco where he was under the care of several eminent physicians for some time who did all they could to cure his disease, but without effect, save to restore, somewhat, his speech and to enable him to move about with the use of crutch or cane. Mr. Timberlake closed up the business in Colorado and came to Lewiston and Mr. Ball accompanied him. They bought an interest in the Raymond House, which was then newly built, and have remained there ever since up to the time of his death. Mr. Timberlake and Mrs. Saux conducting the business of the house as proprietors. Mr. Ball remaining with them as an invalid during the time. Up to within a few weeks he has been able to take quite long walks about the town, but within a short time since he became so weak that he was compelled to abandon his walks and confine himself to the house. The day of his death, June 27th, he called for his dinner just before he died and at 1 o'clock he passed away. Since in Lewiston he has been cared for with as much attention as a brother could bestow by Mr. Timberlake, between whom there has always been the most confidential relations, ever since they were at Warrens, when Mr. Timberlake acted as a clerk for Ball & Whitman. Mr. Ball, has always commanded the respect and sympathy of all who knew him. His funeral obsequies were largely attended.

Contributed by Natalie Huntley

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